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As indicated by the marker at the center of town, York was a crossroad not only during the Revolutionary War but also during the Civil War.

Historic York

Through this intersection originally called Fergus Crossroad have passed:

  • General Thomas Sumter - the Gamecock

  • General Daniel Morgan - Hero of Cowpens

  • Lord Cornwallis - British Commander at Yorktown

  • Colonel Banastre Tarleton - British Commander at Cowpens

  • William Gilmore Simms - South Carolina Author and Historian

  • George Bancroft - American Historian

  • General Micah Jenkins - C. S. A.

  • President Jefferson Davis and the Confederate Cabinet in 1865

  • General & Governor Wade Hampton

This corner has probably witnessed the passing of more historic men than any spot in the up country of South Carolina.

(York Marker)

During the Revolutionary War, York was at the intersection with the road between Charlotte and Augusta and the road between Rutherfordton and Camden. At this intersection was a tavern owned by William and John Fergus, thus giving the intersection the name: Fergus’ Crossroads.

Lunch in York — York is a good spot for lunch on the road trip. The “Pork ’n’ More” restaurant is at 11 North Congress Street in downtown York. As one might expect, this restaurant is noted for its down-home cooking.

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